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Here is a popular cooking program in St. Louis. To achieve success as a chef, you need the practical knowledge from your classes plus hands-on experience that this school offers. Go after a degree or diploma in this growing field by attending the school below.

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L'École Culinaire
L’École Culinaire, located in St. Louis, Missouri, can train you in all aspects of the culinary industry. Get the hands-on experience and career-based professional instruction you need to build a great career. Our ten-week externships offer our students real-world training in many of St. Louis’ restaurants, hotels, casinos, country clubs and more.
L'Ecole Culinaire - St Louis

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If you find that the field of culinary arts isn't going to be your life-long career, you have possibilities in other areas. Graphic arts, for example, is a field where many professionals find a nice career. Explore this option.

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